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Our programme via the Arts Council provides arts training and supports young people interested in developing their artistic talents via singing, song writing, music production and acting courses all in aid of:

-Stretching their vocal range, mic techniques and performance skills


-Overcoming fear and low self esteem that hinders them achieving their full artistic potential


- Producing beats, songs and promotional videos


- Developing their own songs using a structured and professional approach

Our projects are highly successful as we are always able to exceed the outcomes we set for ourselves. Typically we recruit 30 artists per workshop which run over 13 weeks These fantastic outcomes would not be possible without our formidable team.:


1. Judith Jacobs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Jacob (prolific actor who starred in Eastenders, Holby City and the Rea McCoy. (Acting facilitator).


2. Isaiah Raymond (Led on the delivery of vocal training and performance rehearsals for shows) –he has shared the stage with world’s leading gospel artists including Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. He also made the final three of the prestigious MOBO Unsigned Act Competition http://www.raymondandco.net/about-raymond-co/ (Vocal/songwriter facilitator).  He also had the support of Irene Austin who is a singing coach and choir coordinator and Adelaide McKenzie who is a vocal coach, singer and puts on prestigious monthly singing shows for performing artists,nat local venues.


3. JPassion (Music engineer - although he has no professional accolades, he is extremely talented and most importantly has devoted over 10 years in volunteering for SMA consistently http://www.youtube.com/user/MrJPassion it is on this premise that we have given this young person the opportunity to head up our music department. Part of youth artistic progression is about giving young people real opportunities to develop their craft as well as remunerating them.  One artist remarked ‘seeing JPassion’s skill was mindblowing, although not signed – it goes to show that not all of us will have the opportunity to become mainstream but there are other avenues that you are explore to carve out your own destiny by working for yourself’.  He was supported by a small team of musicians and professional visiting artists such as Cormega.