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Starlight is a company with a social concern, registered with Companies House, limited by guarantee and managed by a board of directors that has been running a social business for over twenty years.


Over recent years Starlight has established working partnerships with aspiring farming entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe keen to increase their markets for their agricultural produces. Starlight has developed a business plan to support rural farmers.  Towards this aim the main objective of the plan is to promote agribusiness and business investment opportunities in Zimbabwe and in the long term apply the replicability of this business model to other regions in Zimbabwe and the wider African continent.


The key business objectives are to:

·      Partner with cluster farmer organisations across the ten regions in Harare to support rural women farming networks to increase productivity of sweet potatoes

·      Collaborate with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) to design and produce factory equipment to industrialise and add value to the farming cycle

·      Promote organic vegatables as a healthy alternative to GM stable crops and raise awareness of its health and nutritional benefits as a stimulus for improving health

·      Promote diaspora investment in the agricultural sector to empower and strengthen local farmers, young people and women to benefit from a regular and sustained income

·      To supply retail food outlets such as supermarkets and independent food stores across Zimbabwe with professionally packaged organically grown locally produces

·      Build an agribusiness model that can be expanded and replicated in other regions and neighbouring countries.


Our key business objectives will be achieved by establishing an office and agribusiness packaging and food production industrial sight in Harare.   We will partner with a number of key organisations and institutions, such as the Harare Institute for Technology, Cluster Agricultural Development Services, Zimbabwe Women Rural Development Trust and work directly with local farmers.


Starlight will be the driving force that connects diaspora business entrepreneurs with farming networks in Zimbabwe to bring added value to the agribusiness chain.  Also, to facilitate the production of agribusiness expansion and growth, and market the highly nutritious benefits of organic vegetables.



Starlight’s practical goals will be:


·      To be the interface organisation between the diaspora and local businesses in Zimbabwe as a solution to investment needs, 


.      To bring added value to the business chain, 


.       To stimulate business opportunities and to increase employment prospects that leads to transformational lifetime changes.



Starlight is seeking partners and investors who have a heart and a commitment towards the future development and prosperity of Zimbabwe.